2020VISION is a multimedia project that communicates the benefits of a wilder landscape – for all of us. By showcasing heroic efforts throughout the UK to restore, reconnect and revitalise whole ecosystems, 2020VISION articulates the link between habitat restoration – rewilding - and our own well being.

For the first time, 20 of the UK’s top nature and wildlife photographers, along with filmmakers, sound recordists and writers, have come together to tell an inspirational story about some of the UK’s ecosystems and the services they provide to us all, such as clean water, fresh air and productive soils. Over a 20-month period, the 2020VISION team carried out 20 assignments, producing a set of stunning pictures, along with supporting video footage and sound.

The thousands of images and hours of film generated have been woven into compelling narratives and presented in innovative ways, such as the stunning 2020VISION Street Exhibition, theatre shows and a flagship book.


Exhibition, theatre show, films, book, education material, press features, website, image and film library.