Project Portfolio

Since it’s inception Wild Media Foundation has initiated and managed a number of high profile multi-media projects, adding a significant voice to the wider debate concerning conservation and environmental issues within the UK. 

SCOTLAND: The Big Picture image

SCOTLAND: The Big Picture

SCOTLAND: The Big Picture produces inspiring media to amplify the case for a wilder Scotland.

2020VISION image


2020VISION is a multimedia project that communicates the benefits of a wilder landscape – for all of us.

Highland Tiger image

Highland Tiger

Highland Tiger aimed to raise awareness of the plight of the elusive Scottish Wildcat. Only around 400 of these magnificent cats survive in the wild in Britain today.

Tooth & Claw image

Tooth & Claw

Tooth & Claw explored our modern day attitudes towards predators, exposing our prejudices and asking difficult questions of us all.

Nature Picture Library Promo Video

A recent promo video by the Wild Media Foundation, commissioned by Nature Picture Library to highlight the exceptional quality content they offer from some of the best photographers and videographers in the world.

Scots Pine -Scotland's National Tree

A short film commissioned by Forestry Commission Scotland telling the story of Scotland's national tree, the Scots pine. 

Trees for Life - Restoring the Caledonian Forest

Trees for Life commissioned WMF to produce a short film about their work in restoring the Caledonian forest.

The Cairngorms National Park: A Special Place

A short film commissioned by the Cairngorms National Park Authority to promote the Cairngorms National Park as a special place for nature and people.

2020VISION: Wild Scotland

This 2020VISION short film, commissioned by the Scottish Government for the Year of Natural Scotland, showcases Scotland's stunning wildlife and beautiful natural habitats, and introduces the concept of 'ecosystem thinking' and why we need to work together to protect Scotland's nature.